Empty Words... no wait... in big, uh, words... like:

Empty Words Ensemble
The Empty Words Ensemble is an
experimental group  comprised of
myself, Philip White, and Nathan
In this group we play many sounds that
would not ordinarily be heard from the
many other musical situations in which we,
collectively or individually, are involved. In
words, we use this musical opportunity
to vent the plethora of musical ideas that fall
in the cracks of musics genres, but which
come to us in fits of spontaneity. We have
also, of late, been asked to do many sound
installations in which we provide real time
ambient sounds for art gallery goers. fun.
The only thing these pictures have to
do with the Empty Words Ensemble is
that they are pictures of the members
of the Empty Words Ensemble. The
Empty Words Ensemble does not make
a habit out of hanging out with such a
large number of storks (Nathan is a
vegetarian,  after all)... in other
they will be replaced soon with
something better... or just blank space

photos by Clint Fore