Kopaja was formed as a trio with Kevin Hamilton, Nathan
Koci, and Ron Wiltrout in July 2006 to fulfill a residency at a
now defunct restaurant called Cordavi on the far east part
of Market Street in Charleston, SC. The group explored
some non-traditional jazz and pop tunes and tried to make
good use of the unusual instrumentation of drums
(Wiltrout), bass (Hamilton), and accordion/flugelhorn (Koci).

The gig at Cordavi lasted a year and half and allowed the
trio to expand its material to include some originals and
arrangements of many modern styles on the fringe of what
many considered 'jazz'. Throughout, though, there was the
honest approach of improvisation and interaction that
makes any group unique and exciting. On several
occasions the trio was joined by young firebrand guitarist
David Linaburg, who also ended up writing a lot of material
for the quartet.

You Have To Wake Up Pretty Early

Human Behavior

Kevin Hamilton - Bass
Ron Wiltrout - Drums
Nathan Koci - Flugelhorn, Accordion
David Linaburg - Guitar
photos by Ben Williams